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Let´s get this party started!

Jan 26, 2018

Welcome to Tenno Network!

So let’s get the party started!

Tenno Network is a social media network mainly for gamers only. We  love and breathe gaming and that is our only main focus.Here all members can connect, discover and socialize on our exclusive network for gamers, just like you know from other mainstream social networks which doesn’t have the focus on gaming and thus much are much more widespread.

We hope you will like it here and we will do our best to create the best user experience for you and your friends and gamer buddies, there is a lot things you can do here and we got you got your back covered to start with some sweet features!

Some of the features we offer to begin with:

  • User profile with user wall and all the features you can wish for!
  • Privacy control over everything of your profile of course!
  • Groups (create your own group) open publiv group / Private invite only with group forums.
  • Blogging straight from your profile and express yourself!
  • Games forums and general forums
  • AFK feature: Respond to the threads you are following from your cell phone with email.
  • Cell phone chat included too.(if logged in) No cell phone app yet but it will come.
  • Chat with text chat and video chat features + some fun games there too!
  • Connect with friends or just post things that you like to share
  • Photo tagging
  • Hash tagging
  • Media albums
  • Photo albums
  • Invite your friends! Straight from your profile; Facebook, Google, Twitter, email etc.
  • Social stream where you can see what’s going on right now
  • and much much, more!

We intend to add many really cool useful features along the way that will support you as a gamer and make it easier to stay connected both with your current friends, clan mates and fans that are following you on your video stream. I hope you are excited as we are, because what you see here now is just the start of our journey.

Now with that said in mind, please do have patience as we are still in BETA and we thus I do encourage you to try out all the functions, create groups, maybe create a blog post if you got something on your mind that you like share with the world etc.
If you find anything that doesn’t work properly, then please report it to us so we can fix it. We also love to hear from you if you have any suggestions for new features and improvements!

Most welcome to Tenno Network!

Daniel Sundbeck/Founder
Tenno Networks Ltd

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